We believe that Natural Deathcare is a compassionate choice, a human right, and an environmental imperative.

Our purpose is to:

  • Increase death literacy and decrease death phobia by promoting the Natural Deathcare movement locally, regionally and nationally

  • Establish a network of compassionate, skillful deathcare providers

  • Provide the Monterey Bay area community with easily accessible natural deathcare resources including: pre-death needs assessment, assist with establishing goals of care, organization and logistical support, care givers, death doulas/death midwives, end of life musicians, celebrants, home funeral guidance, natural burial options, vigilists, chaplains, and grief workers

  • Create a directory of local and regional providers and resources

  • Increase the skill sets of the deathcare provider community by offering educational opportunities

  • Engage a broad spectrum of individuals, organizations and businesses in programs designed to raise awareness, such as a day-long forum on end-of-life care, movies and informational events

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