We are part of rapidly growing movement of unaffiliated deathcare advocates and providers at the continuum of support at end of life (EOL).


Holly Blue Hawkins • Last Respects Consulting; Integral Thanatology Institute

www.lastrespectsconsulting.comwww.integralthanatology.org • (831) 588-3040   

Holly Blue is an author, musician, consultant and natural deathcare advocate and trainer. She speaks internationally at conferences focusing on life→death transitions, legacy, ethical/spiritual wills, creative eldering, conscious dying and ceremonial honoring of the deceased. She is a co-founder of the Natural Deathcare Initiative, founder of the Integral Thanatology Institute, and principal of Last Respects Consulting. 

Julie Esterly End-of-Life Speaker, Death activist & EDUCATOR, Home Funeral & Green Burial celebrant

info@esterly.com • 831-227-3148  

Julie Esterly is a co-founder of the Natural Deathcare Initiative. She is an advocate and activist for compassionate, environmentally sound, and economically feasible end-of-life care. A long time Sufi minister, she completed her Final Passages home funeral training with Jerrigrace Lyons, attended the First International Death Doula Conference, and continues to study and promote the movement to resacralize death.

Pamela Morgan • Licensed Legal Document Assistant 

www.paralegalpam.com • (831) 421-1234  

Pamela has 30 years paralegal experience, offering affordable Trust, Wills, Deeds and Legal documents. Since death is a normal and necessary part of life, she offers guidance with questions and steps to prepare you and your loved ones for end-of-life. She assists with planning how your assets and estate will be distributed, establishing a healthcare directive, offering memorial and burial instructions for your loved ones. 


Andrea Norred • End of Life Doula & Home Funeral Guide

andrea@sacredpassagecenter.com • 831-345-6210

Andrea is an End of Life Doula and Home Funeral Guide, trained directly by International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA) President Henry Fersko-Weiss, and graduate of the Final Passages Home Funeral Guide program, trained under Founder Jerrigrace Lyons. Andrea is the Founder & Director of The Sacred Passage Center, an active member of the Natural Deathcare Initiative, and a volunteer with Hospice of Santa Cruz County.



Mary is a certified Hospice and Palliative Care nurse who combines medical knowledge with spiritual awareness to create beautiful transitions at the end of life and memorable Celebrations of Life.

Annelise Schinzinger • AUTHOR, End of Life Caregiver

aschinzinger@gmail.com •
(831) 440-6037 

Annelise is an author, speaker and educator. Her book The Art and Science of Caregiving: Stories of Inspiring Elders with an End-of-Life Guidebook (2019) is based on twenty-five years as a hospice caregiver.

Miriam Tutman • Professional Geriatric Care Manager

lifecare120@gmail.com •              (831) 662-3636

 Miriam assists elderly and disabled so they can stay in their home safely. She is a practicing RN in multiple clinical settings for the last 25 years. Miriam has a passion helping individuals and families in end of life care, as well as training in various end-of- life rituals.

Lela Carney LAc, MA, SEP

www.lelaccarney.com • (831) 479-3531 

Lela's practiced Acupuncture & Functional Medicine for 35 years, adding Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Somatic Experiencing & NeuroAffective Touch for
healing shock trauma, developmental trauma & stress-related illness across all stages of the living/dying process. She works with both patients & their care providers, knowing from her own experience how demanding and sometimes draining end of life care-giving can be. She can offer attuned support to all members of the caring circle as deep attachment bonds reconfigure across the veil between living and dying. 

Cynthia Gustin• Hospice Caregiver  


Cynthia completed CNA training in 2008, and began working with hospice clients. She finds the work extremely rich and rewarding and knows that she has found her calling. She assists clients with the activities of daily living as well as provides a safe space for them and their loved ones in this beautiful journey. She strives to create loving and nurturing spaces with the utmost peace, calm
and ease. She is studying to be a deathcare advocate and end of of life celebrant.


www.santacruzofficiant.com •
(831) 515-8594 

Naomi writes and performs nonreligious, unique, personal and meaningful funerals, memorials, and celebration of life ceremonies that reflect the truest expression of your loved one’s life, and honor your need for grieving and healing. She also performs home funerals, ash scattering ceremonies and gravesite services.